Upgrade your content with Pivo Max.

Use your smartphone, tablet, or camera to capture stunning motion-tracked videos like a pro.
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The magic of Pivo Max.

Attach your smartphone or tablet to Pivo Max, pair via Bluetooth, and you're ready to record stunning motion-tracked videos.

Enhanced versatility and smoother 360° rotation make it easier than ever to create captivating content by yourself.

You can even attach your camera for professional quality footage. Take full control with the remote or let Pivo be your AI director when paired with your smartphone.

Unlock the true potential of your devices.

Pivo Max is the tool you've been waiting for. With the ability to use smartphones, tablets, and cameras, the creative possibilities are endless. No more limitations, no more missed opportunities.
360 Auto Tracking

Pivo controls your camera,
so you don’t have to.

Move and create, without limitations. Capture dynamic, inspiring content, with no missed shots or choppy footage.

  • Create engaging educational tutorials
  • Turn workouts into high-energy content
  • Capture DIY projects with precision

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Pivo Max helps you create content that truly stands out.

One take. Two formats.
Everything you need.

Familiar with the struggles of having to film short and long-form content?

The game-changing Pivo Max lets you create content for multiple platforms with ease, and capture every moment without worry.

Film motion tracked videos with your smartphone and camera at the same time, and make time-consuming edits a thing of the past.

Power your creative flow.

Creating engaging content takes time and effort. Running out of battery can throw you off your game and waste precious time.

With a rechargeable 1400 mAh Li-ion battery, Pivo Max keeps up with your every move for up to 12 hours.

Whatever your passion is, Pivo Max helps you create the content you want without running out of juice.

Make your presentation
stand out.

Pivo Max is the magic tool that tracks your movement and keeps you center stage during presentations.

Create expert-level content with 4 Present Modes — wow your audience during a live presentation, or record and share to inspire others.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or educator, Pivo Max is here to help you elevate your craft.

Transform your creative workflow.

Pivo Max's LED light ring keeps you in the know with real-time status updates so you can capture your best content yet.
Use Pivo Remote Control 2.0 from up to 100 ft/30 m away — start and stop recording, control rotation, zoom in and out, or change mode.
Stay powered up and ready to create. Connect your phone and charge while you capture amazing content.
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Pivo Max

Pivo Max

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Upgrade your content with Pivo Max — use your smartphone, tablet, or camera to capture stunning motion-tracked videos like a pro.
  • Use with your smartphone, tablet, or camera
  • Create for multiple platforms at the same time
  • Present like a pro with smoother 360° rotation
  • Create all day with a 10-12 hour battery life
  • Stay notified with an LED light ring


  • - Includes Face, Body, Horse, and Dog Tracking
  • - Compatible with all tripods
  • - Approx. 10-12 hr. battery life
  • - Up to 2 kg payload

Recommended Usage

  • - Pivo Max supports phones, tablets, and cameras up to 2 kg.
  • - For optimal performance, use with mirrorless cameras or cameras with lenses no larger than 85 mm. It is not recommended to use DSLR cameras.
  • - Avoid exceeding the maximum payload to prevent unwanted noise or shaking.
  • - Shaking can occur during rotation when used with a fully extended Pivo Tripod.

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Pivo Max
€284,99 EUR

What’s in the box?

product image
Pivo Pod Lite
Make it easy.
From $69
Face, Body
3 Speed
6 hrs
product image
Pivo Pod
Your personal camera crew.
From $139
Face, Body, Horse
6 Speed
6 hrs
product image
Pivo Max
The power to create your best.
From $249
Face, Body, Horse, Dog
6 Speed
Smartphone, Tablet,
and Camera
10-12 hrs

Which Pivo is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I track with Pivo Max?

Pivo Max's Auto Tracking features consist of 2 categories:
- Smart Tracking: Face, Body, Horse, and Dog (beta) Tracking powered by AI
- Action Tracking: Allows you to track anything by just drawing a box on the screen to select your target

What's the difference between Pivo Pod/Pod Lite and Pivo Max?

Pivo Max is a more powerful, versatile Pivo ready to take your content to the next level. With a new design, smoother rotation, and larger payload — you can use your smartphone, tablet, or camera to bring your big ideas to life. On the other hand, Pivo Pod (Previously named as Pivo Pod Active) and Pivo Pod Lite supports smartphones up to 1kg of weight.

What devices are supported by Pivo Max?

- Pivo Max and Pivo apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices which meet the minimum configuration requirements: iPhone 8 or above with iOS 13.0 or higher and Premium Android devices from 2017 and later with Android version 9.0 and higher. Pivo Max also supports heavier devices such as tablets and cameras up to 2 kg.

For optimal performance, it's recommended that Pivo Max be used with mirrorless cameras or cameras with lenses no larger than 85 mm.

If used with a fully-extended Pivo Tripod, any additional weight that reaches or exceeds the maximum payload may cause unwanted noise or shaking.

Does the Pivo Max rotate 360 degrees?

Yes, the Pivo Max can rotate 360°.

Can the Pivo Max track other animals?

Yes, it has Premium Tracking which includes Horse Tracking and Dog Tracking Beta.

Can I use Pivo Max with any tripod?

Yes, the Pivo Max can be mounted on any tripod that has the standard 1/4' screw.

How long does the Pivo Max battery last?

A fully charged Pivo Max can provide 10-12 hours of usage, but this may vary depending on the features and settings being used.

Can I use the Pivo Max with other third party apps?

Yes, you can use Face Tracking with any other apps on your phone using our Pivo Cast app. The Connect mode will let you open any app that has a fullscreen camera view and Pivo will then be able to track you using our AI-powered Face Tracking. See details

Do I need an app to use Pivo Max?

Yes, to be able to access all of Pivo Max ’s cool features, you’ll need to use Pivo’s apps which are available for both Android and iOS. For manual rotation of DSLR cameras, only the Remote Control is needed to control the Pod.

Can I use my old Remote Control with Pivo Max?

Pivo Max comes bundled with the new version of the Remote Control, as it cannot be used with the older remote model. See details

Does Pivo Max have a warranty?

Pivo provides a ONE (1) YEAR manufacturer’s warranty / TWO (2) YEARS for EU on Pivo-branded hardware products purchased from the Pivo Online Store for your own use and not for resale purposes. See details

What are my delivery options, and when will I get my items?

We offer the standard shipping option. Once you place your order, it will take 1-2 business days to process, pack, and ship. You'll receive a shipment notification by email once your package has been shipped out.

Can I return my Pivo Max?

Pivo will gladly accept the return or exchange of products in new condition within 30 calendar days of the delivery date, as long as the returned product meets our terms and conditions. See details

Who should I contact if I have questions about Pivo Max?

For inquiries about Pivo Max, you can visit our Support Hub or contact our support team via

How does Pivo's tracking work?

Pivo's tracking works based on image detection. It'll be great to use Pivo for individual practice. With Lock-On Tracking feature, Pivo can track the selected object (Body Tracking) under group situations. See details

How to get started with Pivo Max?

- Download the Pivo+ App from Google Play Store/Apple App Store
- Open the App and create a Pivo account
- Pair your smartphone
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We’re sorry, the Solo Creator Edition is currently out of stock.
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