Nail Your Listing Presentation with These Four Tips

Nail Your Listing Presentation with These Four Tips

If you want to work with sellers, or already do but want to work with even more sellers, you know listing presentations are the lifeline of your growing business. Get it right and you’ve just secured a brand-new client. Get it wrong and you might not get the client, or worse, your reputation could falter. 

We know that won’t happen (you’re a professional!) but in case you need a few pointers on how to nail every single listing presentation you give, we’re sharing our best four tips: 


1. Let them know you get things done with the highest quality, and get them done fast

In a strong seller’s market, it’s not enough to say you’ll market a home with excellence; you also have to prove you’ve got the speed to keep things moving. When inventory is tight, buyers are basically at their computers hitting “refresh” on property search sites, waiting. Once your home comes on the market, the first impression you make will determine the price these eager buyers want to offer. With a tool like Pivo Tour, you can not only create high-quality property tours for every listing but also stitch and upload them in record time. If you have a get-an-edge-on-the-competition platform that enables you to create gorgeous videos quickly, prospective sellers will understand the benefits of working with you. 


2. Make your first impression count. 

Clients want to work with people they like, so a good first impression could be the deciding factor between getting a listing or packing up your presentation and moving on. There are the obvious ways to do this (smile, exude confidence and empathy) and then, there are the less obvious ways, like making sure your communication is flawless. If your meeting is via video call, use innovative, intuitive software for an experience that feels like meeting face to face. With Pivo Present, you can walk around the room and be your best self, unburdened by the small expanse of a computer or phone screen. Show sellers how amazing you are, win the listing. 


3. Research and determine their needs before you meet.

This tip is easier to implement if you know your clients before meeting but thanks to social media, you can do preliminary research on your own. You can also send a pre-listing questionnaire (keep it simple) with a few questions that will help determine exactly how you can best work with a seller and the advantages you’ll bring to their real estate experience. 


4. Understand the market inside and out. 

There are many reasons sellers choose a particular client but a big determining factor is knowledge. If you really know a market, you know the comps, the trends, the best pricing strategy and even the agents you might be negotiating with to secure your clients the very best deal. An agent who understands is an agent who can get a seller’s home sold with ease and efficiency.


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