Worldwide Pivo Sales Clear $1m

Worldwide Pivo Sales Clear $1m

An achievement five years in the making

In the early afternoon of June 11, 2019, a mere eight months since Pivo, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, was officially available for purchase, the venture startup celebrated its 9,823rd sale, pushing it past $1 million in total sales. At the time of writing, global sales of the innovative crowdfunded smartphone pod currently sit at $1,010,827 and backer support continues to rise.

Starting small, not thinking small

In the first weeks of its Kickstarter campaign, the majority of backer support and crowdfunding came from the US, which was expected given the US is one of Kickstarter's biggest markets. But the fact that 44 percent of Pivo's overall sales are generated outside of the US shows its universal appeal and means there's only room to grow.

Pivo continues to intrigue the world's content creation community having recently added 10,000 backers to its list of startup milestones.

  • (May 2019) Final Kickstarter backer shipment of 7,100 Pivos concludes
  • (June 2019) Indiegogo backer shipments underway
  • List of total current backers reaches more than 10,000 worldwide from over 90 countries

Turning a smartphone into a cameraman

From aspiring artists, creators, travelers, entrepreneurs, influencers and streamers to industry leaders and early adopters within the mobile IT and photography industry, Pivo offers everyone the power to capture more creative content with just the smartphone in their pocket. And best of all, users can photograph and film themselves without bothering someone else to do it for them.

The early feedback and postings shared by the Pivo community suggest Pivo is headed in the right direction. Here are some early user reviews and posted content.

"I just got my Pivo and it's amazing. Works perfect and I was using it without reading the guide within 30 seconds. I'm massively impressed. Silent mechanism and works exactly as described. I'm telling my followers about this... Brilliant on all levels." - Jaimee Kort (Los Angeles, USA)

"Absolutely recommend this nifty little device. You no longer have to rely on the front camera to film yourself. This uses the back camera too. Great build quality & finish. Fell in love with it within seconds." - Z Yar Khan (India)

"Amazing compact tool for my broadcasting sessions. I was lucky to test Pivo at London Design Fair 2018." - Milen Petkov (Norway)

Global retail and wholesale distribution coming soon

Pivo expects to leave the crowdfunding arena and prepare for direct e-commerce integration through the Shopify platform service with an official launch planned for summer's end. Pivo is currently in the planning stages for its global distribution structure and expects to begin shipping wholesale in the fall. 

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