Pivo Introduces a Comprehensive Marketing Solution for their Insanely Creative Users in Real Estate

Pivo Introduces a Comprehensive Marketing Solution for their Insanely Creative Users in Real Estate

2020 has been an eventful year filled with new trends and drastic changes in consumer behavior. Including life's major purchases like cars and homes, people have changed how they shop and consume information. More buyers are communicating virtually and are making their decisions based on virtual experiences and video calls.

Pivo Inc. announced its closed beta release of Pivo Tour; a mobile app developed to capture 3D spaces for marketing and business purposes. Users can create immersive virtual tours in a matter of minutes with a smartphone, Pivo Pod, Remote Control, and Pivo Tripod. Without the need for expensive equipment, loads of time, and many resources, Pivo users can capture, create, and manage tours all in one place. Real estate agents can use virtual tours as the ultimate marketing tool to help sell homes faster while working with clients remotely. 

How it works

A major benefit of Pivo Tour is that it requires minimal equipment to get started. Real estate agents and photographers can set up and begin capturing tours with a click of the Remote Control. The Pivo set up is quick to assemble and portable, so anyone can capture entire homes with ease.

After capturing the tour, real estate agents can customize the public description and share them with potential buyers. Pivo has also made it convenient for agents to manage their contact details and view their tours from the Pivo Tour Dashboard for desktops.

Looking ahead

Pivo has seen a growing interest from real estate agents, photographers, and entrepreneurs, especially with the shift in behavior trends. Pivo Tour is the brand’s answer to the call for a more affordable and straightforward solution to create virtual tours. The application will be available to all Pivo users for a limited time, beginning in December. Starting in 2021, Pod Black users can continue using Pivo Tour as part of the Pivo Business product line. Other users can expect to see the software license available for separate purchase early next year.

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